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Jewelry is always well received at any time and for any occasion. Embrace the creative and unique with a diverse selection of rare jewelry suitable for a wide range of tastes and styles. Collected from all over the world, this variety of eye-catching jewelry makes for the ideal gift or a welcome treat to yourself to add to your collection.

Browse an extensive array of unique pendants, ranging from 14-karat gold to sterling silver, and stunning designs and depictions. Find alluring earrings and eloquent chain necklaces at affordable prices to pair with other particular jewelry pieces or specific outfits. This collection offers something for every taste, from simplistic and straightforward pieces to exquisite pieces featuring intricate design work. 

Discover the beauty and elegance of classically styled jewelry that lends a luxurious and majestic appeal to any ensemble. This selection of classic pendants, earrings and necklaces serves as an ideal complement to your modern-style jewelry pieces.


Diving for Buried Treasure

March 09, 2016

Barry Clifford and his team of undersea explorers uncovered an unexplored trove of buried treasure that he said may lead to the discovery of more than 400,000 gold coins.  He’s preparing to go back in.  With the help of his team, Mr. Clifford located a sunken pirate ship, Whydah, off the coast of Cape cod, nearly 30 years ago.  The Whydah was a slave ship that had been captured by the notorious pirate captain “Black Sam” Bellamy in February 1717, only two months before it sank on April 26, 1717.   The Whydah is the only documented pirate ship, and since Mr. Clifford discovered it in the 1980s, he and his team have worked to bring to the surface thousands...

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Pendants That Impress

February 28, 2016

Let's face it. We all love complements. When someone stops and comments on how much they love our jewelry it makes us feel special. Yet, complements seem to be rare and come far to few. One way to be sure to get a complement at work or in public is to wear something beautiful and unique. We are more likely to complement jewelry that looks antique or is unlike modern designs. Virtual Treasure Chest's Atocha pendants are all beautiful and sure to gather complements. The Atocha Pendants at Virtual Treasure Chest Inc are all exquisite and one of a kind. This beautiful 1 Real Coin Pendant is sure to get you complements. The 14K gold outlay shines bright and the coin...

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