March 03, 2015 1 min read

While browsing at Virtual Treasure Chest Inc's website you are sure to find some absolutely beautiful pendants. It can be taxing to try to decide what type of pendant or Atocha Jewelry you should pick.

There are a few major styles of Atocha Pendants that we wanted to highlight.


Some of our pendants are all gold. These styles are beautiful and the gold color looks great in the sun.


Virtual Treasure Chest also offers some exquisite sterling silver pendants. These pendants come in different shapes and sizes. The coins are one of a kind and do not all come in the traditional circle coin shape. Their is beauty in the slightly uneven shapes like the Pendant pictured above. It gives an antique feel and looks beautiful on a simple chain.

We also offer pendants that are paired with nautical and sea animal motives. The turtle pendant above is a wonderful gift for turtle lovers of all ages. The coin is displayed in the center and the silver and gold combination goes with everything!

No matter your preference in pendant, Virtual Treasure Chest has a design for you! From gold pendants to combination gold and sterling silver, every pendant is one of a kind and comes with a certificate of authenticity.