Atocha Jewelry - Odd Reale Silver Coin Pendant w/Sterling Silver Frame

Frame - Polished Sterling Silver Medium Wrap with Double Prongs and Large Bale
Dimensions - 1" diameter & 1 5/8" long with bale
(pendant is about the size of a quarter)
Weight - 5.4 grams
Now You Can Own a Piece of History!

Atocha Silver is More Pure than Sterling Silver!

The silver coin was hand cast using a formulated blend of silver ingots recovered from the Sunken Treasure of the Nuestra Senora de Atocha and fine Sterling Silver. The Nuestra Senora de Atocha (Our Lady of Atocha) Spanish Galleon shipwrecked on September 5, 1622, when it struck a reef during a hurricane and sank in the Florida keys, taking with her 264 souls. The Galleon contained 47 troy tons of treasure, which were scattered over 50 miles of the ocean floor. Only 5 people survived the wreck. The treasure remained buried at sea until 1980 when salvager Mel Fisher found the mother lode.

A formulated blend of Sterling Silver and Atocha Silver is used in order to give the coin an antiqued "older" appearance.  This makes the details of the coin more pronounced.  This coin contains Atocha Silver that is over 370 years old.

This coin is a limited edition. It is shipped in the original Mel Fisher packaging with a Certificate of Authenticity and Velvet Pouch.

Each Certificate of Authenticity includes the following information:

Bar Number
       Unique silver bar used in minting the coin
Manifest Number
Manifest on which the recovered silver bar was recorded
Atocha Seal
An embossed Authentic Atocha Silver Seal

Our Atocha Jewelry is Shipped in a Gift Box.